Hey Sputnik Fans! Time for a development update! Can you believe that the last time we published to our blog was back in February, we are now in June. Put on your sunglasses and sunscreen and let’s talk about Sputnik Development and see how things are going from the past 4 months. Before you ask, no we do not have a time frame of when we will launch, it’s just soon™.

Front-End Changes

We’ve changed our front-end design from the last time we’ve talked to you! Just think we want this bot to be simple to setup and manage on the front-end / dashboard. Nothing is more frustrating than having to write out what you want the bot to do like Rowboat requires you to do, as well as overly simplified dashboards that don't allow you to customize features that you should be able to. A while back we did a stream of me making some wireframes / mockups of the new design. We want guild owners and staff to make changes fast to their guilds while being simple yet powerful.

Back-End Updates

We continue working on our Swift library to use. This is a still very time-consuming process reading Discord’s API documentation and do some magic (I say it’s magic and I am the one who is writing this so it’s magic).

That’s really it, we are still very busy with other items in our lives. However, we should be gearing up and spending more time developing Sputnik. Until next time! 👋🏻