Hey!  Welcome to Mission Control!  We're excited to announce our official blog and changelog, where we'll be counting down to the launch of Sputnik into orbit, and informing you about its development and research progress as we continue maintaining the bot after launch.

What is Sputnik

Sputnik is a moderation and utilitarian bot built in Swift that is designed to offer professional-grade features with the ease-of-use of your average bot.  All core features of our bot will run at full capacity at no cost, with no throttling or performance impacts at any point.  However, some higher-end luxury features will be available at a low monthly premium, to allow us to be able to better afford upkeep and maintenance costs, allowing us to build a better bot for everyone.

Developer Stack

Sputnik is being built with Swift, using an API library created by our team member LotU,  optimized for our use.  We are currently in early alpha, with LotULib nearing its first usable build

Have any questions?

Feel free to tweet at @DiscordSputnik on Twitter, or join our Discord server if you have any questions.