Holy Crap! It seems like it's been forever since we've actually posted something here. Lets fix that. Pull up a chair and sit down and lets have a chat, just you and me.

So you may be asking where the heck the Sputnik team has been. It's rather a simple  answer really. We've been busy! Extremely busy actually; half our team is in school full time, while the other half works full time putting in 40+ hours in a week. Now you may be asking about development updates and how progress is going... Well it's going, slowly. LotU has been busy with his full time job and making our private Swift library to interact with the Discord API and our bot. Something that includes time; a lot of time. Alkali and Jonah have also been busy with school (personally I am okay with that as I value education). Alkali has also been busy organizing and keeping the team on task when we actually have time to sit down and talk. Jonah like I've stated before is busy in school, and devotes most of his time to school and thats perfectly fine. Myself, I've been busy with work and adult life things but have also started working on the dashboard, and (please hold to your seats) learning how to program in Swift from Team Treehouse.

Now you may be asking if we still actually talk. The answer to that is yes. Our main channel just for us that isnt related to Sputnik (Thank you Alkali for making two channels as things would get lost) is full of activity. While our other channels get a few messages every once in a while including our Github channel that notifies the rest of us when someone is actually working... (usually its Alkali and LotU). You should join and talk to us in #General. We may actually talk to you guys. Maybe we should even host a night where you guys can actually ask us questions about the bot and what we are planning 🤔.

I'm sure you are asking for a time frame for development as Sailboat likes to sink all the time. Currently, we don't have a time frame when we will get Sputnik fully built or in a early alpha / beta stage as we are super busy. However, we will notify you via Discord, Twitter (if you aren't following our twitter, you're doing it wrong), and here on our Mission Control Blog, on new announcements and changes we have in store for the bot.

Well, that concludes this blog post. Thanks for reading!