👋 you have questions about Sputnik and I have answers. Before we begin, I asked you guys to ask some questions about Sputnik and that I would answer them in a blog post. We might do more of these sometime. If you are interested come join our server.  Just so we are clear, questions will have Q: before and the question bolded. My answer will be A: and then the answer below italicized.


A: Oh hey its a demo answer. Lets move on!

Q: @Sputnik why you offline rn?

A:  Well, the bot must be programmed before it can actually interact with Discord's API.

Q: what even is a sputnik?

A: Sputnik is a multipurpose moderation and utilitarian bot meant to be easy to setup yet powerful.

Q: How can I maximize the means of production with Sputnik?

A: :blobthonkang: Not 100% sure of what you are asking here but uh yeah.

Q: My discord server keeps getting invaded by userbots. Can Sputnik do anything to keep these a-holes at bay?

A: Yes! Sputnik will have features to prevent userbots, one of those is a curated ban list of bad users that Sputnik users have reported to us.

Q: Is Sputnik open source?

A: Yes, Sputnik is entirely open-sourced. Though we do not encourage self-hosting as some of the features will not function to their fullest, nor do we give support to users attempting to self-host. We believe that while everything should remain open-sourced, that it is open-source mainly for the purpose of auditing and community support if you choose to help us with any of the code.

Q: Is this the real life?

A: Well Elon Musk says we are just living in a simulation.

Q: Is this just fantasy?

A: This doesnt deal with Sputnik however, its up to you to decide if its a fantasy or real life. 🤷‍♂️

That concludes this QnA session. Thanks for your questions, we m i g h t do it again sometime. Oh and yeah join our server if you haven't yet 😄