About WPServant

Hey, Welcome to WPServant, a blog with a goal to help you bring your idea to life using WordPress.

So, you know about WordPress. And you might be building something with it.

It could either be a personal blog. Your small business website. Or something bigger – a marketplace, a directory, an e-commerce site e.t.c

And you’re pumped about your project and you know where it could lead you because as a risk-taker, as a big dreamer and as an entrepreneur you know the potential is huge.

Successful entrepreneurs launch online businesses, amass riches along the line, become recognized thought leaders and change the world… and that’s just the beginning

But with using WordPress as a vehicle on your journey, it might seem impossible to arrive at your destination. And if you don’t have the right WordPress tricks, tactics and tools, that will become a reality

That’s why smart entrepreneurs know where to go to find the right strategies to get there.

And you’re that smart entrepreneur, then this blog is for you.

Hey, I am Bandela B.

I’m the founder of WPServant. I’m an entrepreneur, blogger and undeterred risk-taker dedicated to helping you turn your idea/dream into a reality using WordPress. I have built amazing projects using WordPress, from my personal website, business site, an etsy-like marketplace to a Trulia-like site. Single-handedly.

Why WPServant Exist?


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